Residential Permitting

Check my application status

Updated December 27, 2017

It takes about 15 business days for your permit application to be reviewed once you submit it.

There are two ways to check the status of your permit application:

Check your permit status on Austin Build + Connect

You can check the status of your permit by visiting Austin Build + Connect. If you don’t have an Austin Build + Connect account, you can create one on the Austin Build + Connect homepage.

If your hired professional such as a general contractor submitted the permit application for you, then they will receive your approval or any comments.

If your hired professional submitted your application and you want to check your application status on Austin Build + Connect, you will need to visit the Service Center to have the permit linked to your account.

You can also request for copies of any emails to be sent to you or have your authorized applicant forward them to you if this is the case.

Call a reviewer

The third way to check the status of your permit is to call a reviewer.

If you haven’t applied for a permit yet, make sure you can get one. Resolve any expired permits you may have before moving forward with your project. To find out if you have an expired permit, click here to learn if you can get a permit.