Residential Permitting

Interior Remodel

Project Overview


This is a preview of the permitting process for interior remodels and can be used as a checklist throughout your project. The cost for permitting an interior remodel depends on the type of work done to the home. 

1. Define

  • Define the scope of your project.
  • Find out if you need a permit and what kind.
  • Determine if you will need any additional permits such as a trade or tree permit.
  • Determine if you can get a permit.
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2. Consult

  • Find out what you will need to prepare before your consultation.
  • Determine what documents and sketches you will need to collect before your consultation.
  • Learn how to schedule a free in-person consultation.
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3. Apply

  • Get the application you need to apply for the type of permit your project requires.
  • Gather the documents and plans you will need to submit with your permit application.
  • Learn what other documents are commonly requested and determine if they apply to you.
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4. Review

  • Learn about the review process.
  • Learn what to do if you receive any comments and need to resubmit your application a second time.
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5. Inspect

  • Determine what inspections are required throughout your project.
  • Learn how to schedule your inspections either online or in-person.
  • Schedule final inspection and make any required changes before your permit expires.
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Looking for all the applications and forms you might need for permitting an interior remodel? We've got you covered.

Download all interior remodel documents