Residential Permitting

Get in line on QLess

Updated June 17, 2020

Hold your place in line and save time.

Residential Plan Review can get very busy and wait times can be an hour or longer. We recommend signing in to the QLess website, an online queueing system, or arriving as close to opening time as possible to sign up in person.

Instructions for signing up on the QLess website

Keep in mind you will only be able to sign in to QLess during the office hours of Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 12pm.

  • Fill out your name and phone number on the website and select Residential-Permit Application Submittals.
  • Select New Application if this is the first time you’re submitting your application. Select Update if you’re submitting an update to an existing application.
  • You will get a text with your estimated wait time. Follow the text prompts to receive status updates, leave the line, or get help.

Prepare to come in

Before you come in for a consultation or to apply, make sure you have thought through your project or prepared all the necessary application materials. Check out our General Process for details.